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Equilibria is a protocol born for two reasons: to provide you with the best User Experience possible through fast and seamless technologies, and to minimize liquidation risks by utilizing Machine Learning. Start your journey on Equilibria now by entering the dApp.

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Safely, fastly.

Welcome to Equilibria: from today, you can lend or borrow assets in an easy and secure manner, ensuring an unparalleled User Experience. With an approach based on developing only on blockchains that guarantee high performance and extremely fast execution speeds, you can experience Equilibria like no other protocol.


Leaders in the innovation.

As team of Equilibria, we won’t limit ourselves to build a powerful Lending & Borrowing protocol. We are working on a permisionless and arbitrary Machine Learning algorithm that minimize the liquidations events.
We’ll also introduce a governance with already several proposals planned, making Equilibria a more democratic and decentralized platform while taking the protocol to the next level.

Sustainable and effective Roadmap.

We have planned the Equilibria roadmap to ensure technically and timely sustainable development. By Q1 2025, we expect to release Equilibria in its final form, unlocking its full potential. Please find below the roadmap for your reference.

Partners With The Best.

Hedera Zel Flux
Ocean Head Starter

See you on the other side.